Monday, February 28, 2011

TIME OH.... TIME--Where does it go?

At the end of last year, the holidays flew in with a bang and I found myself the most unprepared I've ever been. My step-father had a heart attack right before Christmas and I had to make a mad dash to Northern Arizona to retrieve him along with my mother and get them closer to civilization. He is doing well now and has accepted that they will no longer be able to live in the "boonies". Along with this, my mother in law's health has deteriorated significantly and Jerry and I have had to spend great portions of time with her. While she certainly recognizes us and has Jerry on speed dial (which she uses more than she should), we can not be gone for extended periods of time anymore. We did get away right after Christmas for a quick 7 day cruise, but had to have so many people to help. So as it looks, our travels will be quite limited for quite a while. We have now hired someone to work with her in the mornings Monday through Friday and we are hoping this will help at least some. Between parents, kids, grandkids and oh yeah... the jobs, there is not a ton of time left to spend sewing. I have many unfinished projects just waiting for some attention. So..... I have decided to get with it and get moving to accomplish something in the midst of all the craziness. So keep an eye out, as I'll start posting once again VERY soon! Happy Sewing--Carole