Friday, November 30, 2012

Yes, it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog.... So much has happened over the last year that some things just had to give away to time. I am going to try to do an update at least monthly. Life can certainly get out of hand and it certainly has. I am very thankful for the wonderful group of sewing friends that continue to uplift me and keep me in the sewing room now and then. If it was not for them and my family, I think I would have gone crazy by now. I have managed to get a few projects done in my limited amount of time and I will post some pictures later.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Embroidery Retreat - March 2011

"Bella" Making shirts for everyone!

The "Embroidery Chick" Shirt. These designs are from Bunnycup.

Christina, Ramona, Carole, Robin, Jean (Jean got a shirt, but did not
have time to "destabilize" to wear today.

The Geisha Quilt in Progress

Carole and Mia

We had a wonderful and productive 3 days of machine humming time last weekend. My sewing room has been officially "broken in". I wish more people could have been here to join us, but schedules are crazy for everyone. I must mention that Tammy also did come (on two days), but somehow I did not snap a picture of her--Sorry Tammy, but on day two, Tammy and her girls showed up and when you enter a room with baby Mia, everyone stops to admire this beautiful and happy little girl who can just steal the heart of anyone with her smile and laughter. So, I've posted her picture with me to make up for missing Tammy and Jenny. Hope all is forgiven. The days just sped by and at the end of each day, I was amazed at how much thread was everywhere. My next shirt will be one of "Thread Magnet". I also posted progress of my Geisha quilt. Several of us are working on this quilt. The blocks are now all done and I will begin the piecing stage by the weekend. We have all decided that Steve (from Anita Goodesign) needs to do a quilt design just using the tone-on-tone portion for the whole quilt. The picture does not really do justice to see the detail, but close up, it is really pretty. I've sent an e-mail with our request and will hope that he will be able to oblige us at some point. So Steve--I know you see my blog now and then--Listen up! We love your talent! I was sad to return to the office on Monday and missed all my friends and being able to sit and sew. Reality boohoo! We are going to try to meet up once a month (or so) since we had so much fun. Already looking forward to the next time. Happy Sewing! Carole

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Geisha Quilt--I got a jump start!

Last week I completed the tedious task of selecting and preparing fabric and choosing threads to be ready for the embroidery retreat that I am hosting next week. I did not want to be the only one not ready with a project. Prep work is the hardest and most dreaded part of doing a picture quilt. So, I had it all ready and it was just staring at me. I'd walk by and it was almost like it was calling to me to sit and start... Just one block. Well before I knew it, I had done the first block. Well, then you want to do the next one, just to see how it will look with the first one and so on, and so on... This is the first 4 blocks of the actual Geisha. There are 64 total blocks to this whole quilt. I'll still have plenty left when the girls come for the retreat, but ok, I've admitted it girls. I cheated and started without you. I am wondering now if I am the only one? My husband has been traveling this week and I needed something besides work to keep my attention. That is my excuse this week. He will be home tomorrow and I'll have to come up with some other excuse to keep moving. Looking forward to "retreat week" next week. Happy Sewing! Carole

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I think most of my sewing friends know that I am a huge fan of anything done by Anita Goodesign. I have "sew" many projects to be done and have vowed to get back on track. The Geisha quilt has been at the top of the list since it came out. I attended a Valentines party recently with Steve and Aundrea from Anita Goodesign. We had a wonderful time and learned lots of new techniques. Several of my friends and I purchased the Geisha pattern and will be working on it at a long weekend retreat (in my new sewing room)in a couple of weeks. Preparation to do something this size is very time consuming. Since my work schedule is so busy, I need to have extra time to gather the necessary thread, fabric and stabilizers. I am on track and have all my fabrics cut and organized. Threads have been put together and I am ready to start. Looking forward to our gathering during Spring break. Happy Sewing! Carole

Monday, February 28, 2011

TIME OH.... TIME--Where does it go?

At the end of last year, the holidays flew in with a bang and I found myself the most unprepared I've ever been. My step-father had a heart attack right before Christmas and I had to make a mad dash to Northern Arizona to retrieve him along with my mother and get them closer to civilization. He is doing well now and has accepted that they will no longer be able to live in the "boonies". Along with this, my mother in law's health has deteriorated significantly and Jerry and I have had to spend great portions of time with her. While she certainly recognizes us and has Jerry on speed dial (which she uses more than she should), we can not be gone for extended periods of time anymore. We did get away right after Christmas for a quick 7 day cruise, but had to have so many people to help. So as it looks, our travels will be quite limited for quite a while. We have now hired someone to work with her in the mornings Monday through Friday and we are hoping this will help at least some. Between parents, kids, grandkids and oh yeah... the jobs, there is not a ton of time left to spend sewing. I have many unfinished projects just waiting for some attention. So..... I have decided to get with it and get moving to accomplish something in the midst of all the craziness. So keep an eye out, as I'll start posting once again VERY soon! Happy Sewing--Carole

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the room is DONE!

The new Quilting/Craft room has actually been done for a while.  I've been so busy with MANY things that I just have not had the time or energy to post the final picture.  I have had time to spend in this beautiful room and I just love it.  Christina (who sews with me when she can) also loves it and has "staked out" her spot.  She helped me to get organized and move things around.  We sure had our drama getting this room to completion.  Many wonderful friends and family came to the rescue to get the the end.  Can't thank everyone enough for the help....  An experience that we would not want to repeat EVER!  We are off for some much needed vacation to celebrate New Year's on the Sapphire Princess with some friends (Tonya and Jim).  Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year.  Happy Sewing!  Carole

Saturday, October 30, 2010

And finally........................

 We are at the final stages to finish my quilting and craft room.  Since firing the contractor, we have made the most progress in just a couple of weeks.  The inside and outside have been painted, the bathroom floor has tile (Thanks Shay Wild for stretching my tile and doing an awesome job), the trims around the outside have been installed with facia and sofett.  Concrete to to put a front patio and walkway all the way to the back of the house and a slab for our storage area has been done.  A new wall for the fence has been put up complete with stucco.  A wonderful experience to deal with TRUE professionals who show up on time or earlier and take TRUE pride in the outcome of their work.  Jim Streety--hats off to you and all your workers for taking such good care of us.  Full recommendation and high compliments in how you do business.  A big THANKYOU! (and a hug later).  Today the floors are being installed (by my wonderful brother in law Christopher) and the electrician (Ernie) is here so everyone cross your fingers because as of today at some point I may actually be able to turn on a light and start moving all my fabric to it's new home!  We will have to finish with some baseboards and touch up paint, but our list is just about complete.  Are we over budget?  Yep, sadly so, but it could have been worse I guess.  If we would not have had to pay for things twice to get the job done, we would have been right on target.  Lessons learned--TONS.  Next pictures will hopefully show me all set up and being productive in the new place.  This headache is just about over!  Happy SEWING!  Carole

Getting ready for concrete

Concrete Poured--Looks Fabulous!
Ready for the wood floors!