Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Haunted House Quilt

I finally finished my Haunted House Quilt. It has been a fun one to do. Each block took between 3 - 4 hours and then when put all together, it became a great picture quilt. I'm ready to do another one and am undecided whether to do the peacock or a Christmas design. I have to finish the binding on my New York Beauty before I go on to a new project, so I will have time to decide. Carole

Saturday, June 27, 2009

F.A.R.T. Shopping Bag

The Long Beach, CA quilt show is fast approaching so my sewing friends (Christina, Tammy and I) got together yesterday and designed a shopping bag to take with us. We are sure to need something sturdy that will hold fabric, patterns and other goodies we may find. It is always fun to have something unique that nobody else has. I just finished mine and I wanted to share a picture. We call it the FART bag which means Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. Can hardly wait for July 23rd to get here so we can go! Carole

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr Jerri Nielsen Dies

On our trip last year to Antarctica, we had the privilege to meet Dr Jerri Nielsen. She was the physician that found out she had breast cancer while working at the South Pole. She was the most uplifting and motivational person to listen to. When we saw her last, she shared that she was no longer in remission and that she had a little more time to get out and see some of the world. She had truly found happiness in her life and was looking toward a new journey. So sad that such a talented and giving person is gone from us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jayden Turns 4 Years!

Jayden got brand new rollerblades for his 4th birthday and he could not wait to get them on and skate. He is quite the natural. He also got a skateboard. He seems to be happiest with wheels beneath his feet. Hockey skates are in the future. It was a wonderful day (and night) with the grand-kids!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Haunted House Block 12

Here is the last block of the Haunted House. I have to put the blocks together to make the full picture and then decide on borders.

Covered Bridge Quilt

This is a picture of my most recent completed project. (I have several projects going on at one time). I am enjoying doing "Picture Quilts" right now. This is where each block is a portion of a picture. The blocks are then sewn together to make up the whole picture. Each of these blocks has 30,000 - 48,000 stitches and can take over 4 hours to stitch out. I am currently working on another picture quilt that is for Halloween. The pattern is from Anita Goodesigns.

Creating my blog

My good friend Tammy has inspired me to create a blog. Mainly to show photo's of what I am working on, but the goal is to update with other happenings as well. This is my first trial run!