Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busy at Christmas

December has kept me VERY busy and I am glad that Christmas day will soon be here. This morning was spent wrapping many gifts to get ready for the kids to be here. The best part is watching their excitement. I have had a great season. Time spent with my best friends (you know who you are) and of course family. I'll have many posts in the coming days. I am out of the office this week working from home if needed and am enjoying some time just at home with Jerry. (who is also on vacation working from home). Have a wonderful and GREAT holiday season! Happy Sewing! Carole

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cooler Weather!

I think the summer lasted a little longer this year! I finally convinced my dear husband last week that he must turn off the air conditioner and sure enough, the temperatures have dropped low enough that today I "unbagged" my winter wear and put the summer t-shirts away. We drained the pool yesterday and it is in the process of being filled back up with fresh water. We even had a duck swimming around in there this morning. Not sure where he came from but Jerry made him leave. We had a problem with them once and they can really dirty up a pool. I bought a few sweat shirt jackets during the after Thanksgiving sale and could not leave them blank. I finished this one this week so this picture shows the front and back. I have a thing for snowman designs, so I'm not sure if this is quite done, but it is good enough to keep me warm for today. I'm off to my hoopsisters group this morning and then lunch with friends. Happy Sewing! Carole

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. The weather was beautiful and warm which made the day even better. I only had to work a little bit and enjoyed having some days off at home. I cleaned out my sewing room, caught up on my blocks for my hoopsisters group and shopped.... alot!
I am now working on some small Christmas gifts and am trying my hand and embossing on towels. Once I got the different stabilizers surrounding my towel and loaded my design, it was pretty easy. This was my practice towel I got all the embroidery done in about a half hour. Happy Sewing! Carole

Saturday, November 21, 2009

At My AGE... I Need Glasses

I have not had much time to sew this week due to problems at the office. I could not sleep Thursday night much and was able give the above T-shirt some ART. I put the design together a month or so ago after our last cruise. I saw something done in rhinestones with this saying. The "glasses" in this design are done by Bunnycup out of Australia in her Happy Hour collection. I knew they would come in handy at some point. Christina (my sewing partner in sewing and shopping) came over yesterday and we got a good start working on our Hoopsisters project. Some of the points were extremely difficult, but we figured it out and will try to catch up with the rest of the class by December 4th. Hockey tonight. Happy Sewing! Carole

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Friends Saga.... Just for fun!

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Here is the block by block play. Happy Sewing! Carole

Winter Friends Blocks 9-10

Winter Friends is completed and has been a VERY fun picture quilt to do. Anita Goodesigns does a fabulous job at creating these patterns and I can hardly wait to do another. But I must catch up with my Hoopsisters block of the month club first. I need to catch up before the next class on December 4th. This will keep me busy for awhile. I hope you have enjoyed this project! Happy Sewing! Carole

Winter Friends Block 8

Block 8 is done and I did not find any new errors, thank goodness! I'm already thinking of a few new colors for the next set of blocks. I am going to catch up on another project in between, but will definitely be doing at least one more of these in my "spare" time. Jerry's mom did just great for surgery #1 yesterday and next Friday I will take her for the 2nd one. I'm going to slip in and get a few labels done before the next block goes on the machine. Happy Sewing! Carole

Friday, November 13, 2009

Winter Friends Block 7---OOOPS!

I really feel like I'm on the home stretch and as I finished block 7 and placed it on my design wall to add to the other blocks, I noticed an error in the stripe on the first snowman's coat. I did not catch it in block 6 because block 6 does not touch together with block 2. In block 2 the directions call for an orange color for the coat stripe which I did, but in blocks 6 and 7 that same stripe calls for a tan color. So when I put them together, the bottom rows matched fine, but not with the first row. Not wanting to have to re-do anything, I went to my scrapbook supplies and found an orange sharpie and just colored the tan stripe to match the orange. It did a pretty good job and I don't think anyone will notice it too much. So those of my friends that do this design, beware!! I am on track to finish this weekend if all goes well today with Jerry's mom! Happy Sewing! Carole

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Winter Friends Block 6

It is always fun to start a new row of blocks. In this case the final row, so it feels like the home stretch. This row will place the "bottoms" of the snowmen and some animals at their feet. They are standing in snow and I am using white flannel fabric for this. I may attempt to finish up this weekend, but I have to see how things go tomorrow. Jerry's mom, Joyce is having the first of 4-6 surgeries beginning on Friday. They are all outpatient, but not sure how much time all this can take. Happy Sewing! Carole

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Friends Block 5

Block 5 is done and I am officially half way to completion. I may get this done sooner than I thought and if I can figure out a way while all the threads are sorted, I may have to do a second one for a gift. I do have a few other projects that need my attention, so I won't decide until I finish. So, here is the first row. Happy Sewing! Carole

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Winter Friends Block 4

Block 4 was a fun one to do. This snowman is complete with a hat and birds nest on his head. So much great detail. I am anxious to complete the row with block 5. I usually hate to stop in the middle of a block, fearful of finding my way back to the exact spot I was when I left it, but I have learned on my new Viking Diamond that with the touch of one little icon, the machine goes right to where I left off. Now that I can trust it, I will be able to get a few stitches in before I leave for the office. Happy Sewing! Carole

Monday, November 9, 2009

Winter Friends Block 3

Block 3 is done and again the detail that Anita Goodesigns adds to their patterns is remarkable. I tried to stay a step ahead of myself by stabilizing the different fabrics for the hat, dog and scarf. I know I'm going to have to do two of these now that I know how nice they sew out. I love the size of this one. I am using one of my larger hoops 260X200. Wish I could stay home from work today to do a few extra blocks...... but I better be off before the sun comes up. Happy Sewing! Carole

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Winter Friends Block 2

Winter Friends block 2 is done and it took forever. Just under 50,000 stitches along with the applique, it took me almost 4 hours to complete. The detail is amazing and I really enjoyed watching it come together. I will have to make a quick thread run as one of the colors is using way more than I anticipated. I should be able to get through the 3rd block with what I have, but after that it is doubtful. It just goes to show you that even when you really plan out the blocks that you can come up short. Just my luck! Happy Sewing!! Carole

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Winter Friends Block 1

Block 1 of Winter Friends is done. Finding just the right background fabric was difficult. I bought two different fabrics thinking they were the "right" one and then my friend Christina and I were looking for some fabric, for yet another project when we stumbled upon the absolute perfect fabric, complete with a little sparkle. Funny how that happens. I was so ready to get busy, but had to take several hours to stabilize everything. I'm using my 260x200 hoop to make the blocks the largest size. This tile scene is split in to 10 blocks. I'm shooting to complete in 2 weeks. Wish me luck! Happy Sewing!!! Carole

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Latest Project-WINTER FRIENDS

I am addicted to the tile scenes that Anita Goodesign has been creating and when this months design came out, I could not resist trying to put everything together to get it done. I've always been very fond of snowpeople designs!! I said I would not be doing any more Christmas themes, so I am calling this more of the "Winter" edition. I will be able to display it through January. I still have some fabrics to gather, but my threads have been sorted and converted. I will post my progress with each block so you can see how these wonderful "picture quilts" develop. Happy Sewing! Carole

Monday, November 2, 2009

Santa's Visit Picture Quilt ALL DONE!

When I left for my vacation 2 weeks ago, Santa's Visit was just in need of being put together. Once I got back from our trip, I had to play catch up at the office, catch up with the grandkids and then came down with the Swine Flu. This really cut in to my sewing time to say the least. I am recovered and got some energy over the weekend to complete my latest picture quilt. I still need to do a label, but that will be easy. I got a call today from 35th Ave and the November Anita Goodesigns are in. If you have not seen the newest picture quilt available, it is worth a peek, especially if you like snowmen. It may have to be another one to do before Christmas as it is VERY Cute. Happy Sewing! Carole

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here is a picture of Aleyah and Jayden pre-posing in their "gonna be for halloween" outfits last week. Make-up and other accessories will finish up the costumes later. I was hit with the swine flu this week and am just getting my energy back. I did not have the energy to do any sewing which is really sad for me as I have so much I need to get done sitting in front of me. We are off to a fundraiser walk for Juvenile Diabetes Research (www.jdrf.org) this morning and then will head over to the other house to do some repairs. We have a few windows that need to be replaced thanks to I think a stray basketball and Jayden..... Happy Halloween! Carole

Monday, October 26, 2009

Can I possibly have a 12 year old Granddaughter?

Aleyah turned 12 years old last week and I found myself thinking about where all this time had gone. How is it possible that I have a grand child who is entering the teenage years? One day they are laying in your arms and you turn around and they are in JR high. I looked in the mirror and can sure see the lines (refuse to call them wrinkles), and the gray hair that I try to cover. I dare not look down, as everything shifted towards the floor long ago. I guess I have to get with reality and admit that I am getting older. Ouch! We had a great time with the kids. We went to a hockey game, barbecued, shopped, played and of course had cake and ice cream. Here is Aleyah with her cake and then a picture on Aleyah and Jayden--happy with each other for just a moment! We gave Aleyah a new DSi and she has already learned how to take pictures with it and load them on facebook. It's a pretty neat little gadget. No time for sewing this weekend! Carole

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 9 Completes the Window

TAH-DAH.... Block 9 is done and completes the window scene. Tomorrow I plan to sew them all together and try to get the backgrounds pieced as well. I still have not had a chance to go through my stash of fabric to see if something will work or if I need to make a trip to the quilt store for something that matches. Hoping that I do not have to shop as I always buy more than I mean to. The kids will be here for the weekend, so I need as much time as possible to get this done. I'll let you know my progress next week. Happy Sewing!! Carole

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 8

And then there was just one more left to do. I will have this done by Friday and be able to sew all the blocks together. I may have to make a run for some background fabric, but I will be searching my stash to try to make something work. It has been a busy week at the office trying to catch up and get some sewing time in, but somehow I've managed doing both. I surprise myself once in a while. Happy Sewing!! Carole

Monday, October 19, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 7

Ok, Vacation is over and I have to get back to finishing one last Christmas Project. Really, I have several I'd like to complete, but I am not sure what I can truly fit in. So many other project in the wind. The goal is to finish all the blocks this week. The grandkids will be here this weekend, so that will limit my sewing time. Hockey season is upon us, so my calendar is filling up with other activities. Wish me luck! Happy Sewing!! Carole

Friday, October 9, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 6

With Block 6 done, I feel like I can't wait to complete the whole set. The Christmas tree was a good assortment of applique and a ton of stitches. It took the longest to do for some reason. I met up with my BF Christina today and we got a sneak peek at the new Anita Goodesigns for November. It is another picture frame quilt and it is all snowmen. It will be a "must have", but I do not know if it will be done for this Christmas. Happy Sewing! Carole

Santa's Visit Block 5

Block 5 is the center of the picture quilt and really gives Santa some great detail. I'm now past the halfway point which is always a great way to see my progress. I'm working mostly from the house today and will only have to make a quick trip to the office, so I may get some extra time to sew while I work. I really like this. Happy Sewing! Carole

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Santa's Visit Block4

Block 4 of Santa's Visit shows the mantle and the start of Santa himself. I used a fabric that looked like rocks for the mantle. I like the look that it gave with the holly hanging from it. I am anxious to do block five to see how the details of Santa's face turn out. I am on track to finish all the blocks before the weekend especially if this latest insomniac episode continues. Happy Sewing! Carole

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 3

Block 3 of Santa's Visit finished off the top of the window frame and started on the Christmas tree. It is starting to look like a window and the details are really pretty. Even the metallic thread is cooperating for the most part. I really enjoy the applique parts. Now on to block 4 to start the mantle and Santa's coat. Middle of night sewing at it's best! Happy Sewing! Carole

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 2

I finished block 2 of Santa's visit. It is still part of the wall behind Santa just above a mantle. I love it when the designs start making a bigger picture. There is quite a bit of detail within each frame. Each block is about 2 hours to complete and has between 25,000 - 45,000 stitches. I am much more motivated after I get all the prep work done and the first block sewn. Happy Sewing! Carole

Monday, October 5, 2009

Santa's Visit Block 1

This is block 1 of my Santa's Visit picture quilt. I am breaking in my new machine and I am very happy how it sews. I did not even have much trouble with the metallic thread other than the normal twisting. This picture quilt only has 9 blocks and I am hoping to get through it within a couple weeks )if I can get a block done daily). Of course, this all depends on how things run at the office. If you look real close, the background has leaves on it to make it look like wallpaper. Happy Sewing! Carole

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Santa's Visit Quilt

It is time to start a new project and since I have been so happy doing the picture quilts, I decided to do another one. This is another design by Anita Goodesigns and it is a project that I can do a little at a time in between work and sleep. The name of it is Santa's Visit and it shows Santa piling presents under the Christmas tree. It is a combination of embroidery and applique. I still have the binding to do on my last Christmas picture, but it is going to reside next to my recliner so I can finish it by hand while watching some TV. I'm going to break in my new sewing machine. I will post each block as I get it done. Happy Sewing! Carole