Saturday, June 27, 2009

F.A.R.T. Shopping Bag

The Long Beach, CA quilt show is fast approaching so my sewing friends (Christina, Tammy and I) got together yesterday and designed a shopping bag to take with us. We are sure to need something sturdy that will hold fabric, patterns and other goodies we may find. It is always fun to have something unique that nobody else has. I just finished mine and I wanted to share a picture. We call it the FART bag which means Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. Can hardly wait for July 23rd to get here so we can go! Carole


  1. Whoo Hoo! The bag looks GREAT!
    I can't wait to make mine!
    How long did the embroidery take?

    Oh, and one more question.........was the "Carole" already embroidered on this bag
    or did you add it.
    It's a nice touch.........just in case we get our bags mixed up! lol!

  2. I added my name. The embroidery took about 4 hours. I had problems. The car is very dense and I was not paying attention and I got a "bird nest" in the bobbin area. I had to cut out the bag. I had to do some doctoring. Don't stitch the date line. It it far to dense and the stitching is not readable. Had to take it out!!