Friday, September 11, 2009

Alaska Cruise

We are currently at sea and on our way to Victoria, BC. This is the first day of sunshine on the trip and we are glad to see it. The rain and cold has followed us, but we have not let it dampen our spirits at all. I have had some wonderful time with my sister SueAnne and my dad and the cruise has been alot of fun. The internet and phone service has been terrible the whole trip, but I have managed some phone calls at some of the ports to phone home. I will be posting some pictures when we get home. We did the zip line in Ketchican through the rain forest. It was very exciting and I would certainly do it again if given the chance. We are having lunch with the Captain today at noon which is always nice. Dad and I made the most traveled passenger list again and SueAnne is coming as my guest. Dad also made the top 3 and will get an award this evening at the Captain's party. We have seen alot of old friends and made new ones along the way. I'm a little homesick for my dear husband, but Sunday is just around the corner. Watch for new posts with pictures next week! (I have also been to 3 quilt stores along the way)! Carole

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