Monday, October 26, 2009

Can I possibly have a 12 year old Granddaughter?

Aleyah turned 12 years old last week and I found myself thinking about where all this time had gone. How is it possible that I have a grand child who is entering the teenage years? One day they are laying in your arms and you turn around and they are in JR high. I looked in the mirror and can sure see the lines (refuse to call them wrinkles), and the gray hair that I try to cover. I dare not look down, as everything shifted towards the floor long ago. I guess I have to get with reality and admit that I am getting older. Ouch! We had a great time with the kids. We went to a hockey game, barbecued, shopped, played and of course had cake and ice cream. Here is Aleyah with her cake and then a picture on Aleyah and Jayden--happy with each other for just a moment! We gave Aleyah a new DSi and she has already learned how to take pictures with it and load them on facebook. It's a pretty neat little gadget. No time for sewing this weekend! Carole

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