Friday, December 4, 2009

Cooler Weather!

I think the summer lasted a little longer this year! I finally convinced my dear husband last week that he must turn off the air conditioner and sure enough, the temperatures have dropped low enough that today I "unbagged" my winter wear and put the summer t-shirts away. We drained the pool yesterday and it is in the process of being filled back up with fresh water. We even had a duck swimming around in there this morning. Not sure where he came from but Jerry made him leave. We had a problem with them once and they can really dirty up a pool. I bought a few sweat shirt jackets during the after Thanksgiving sale and could not leave them blank. I finished this one this week so this picture shows the front and back. I have a thing for snowman designs, so I'm not sure if this is quite done, but it is good enough to keep me warm for today. I'm off to my hoopsisters group this morning and then lunch with friends. Happy Sewing! Carole

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  1. You do beautiful work, amazed at how detailed it is. Thank you for your kind remarks about my Christmas Fireplace Quilt. Your comments made me feel like the real winner of the Holiday Traditions Quilt Contest.