Saturday, October 30, 2010

And finally........................

 We are at the final stages to finish my quilting and craft room.  Since firing the contractor, we have made the most progress in just a couple of weeks.  The inside and outside have been painted, the bathroom floor has tile (Thanks Shay Wild for stretching my tile and doing an awesome job), the trims around the outside have been installed with facia and sofett.  Concrete to to put a front patio and walkway all the way to the back of the house and a slab for our storage area has been done.  A new wall for the fence has been put up complete with stucco.  A wonderful experience to deal with TRUE professionals who show up on time or earlier and take TRUE pride in the outcome of their work.  Jim Streety--hats off to you and all your workers for taking such good care of us.  Full recommendation and high compliments in how you do business.  A big THANKYOU! (and a hug later).  Today the floors are being installed (by my wonderful brother in law Christopher) and the electrician (Ernie) is here so everyone cross your fingers because as of today at some point I may actually be able to turn on a light and start moving all my fabric to it's new home!  We will have to finish with some baseboards and touch up paint, but our list is just about complete.  Are we over budget?  Yep, sadly so, but it could have been worse I guess.  If we would not have had to pay for things twice to get the job done, we would have been right on target.  Lessons learned--TONS.  Next pictures will hopefully show me all set up and being productive in the new place.  This headache is just about over!  Happy SEWING!  Carole

Getting ready for concrete

Concrete Poured--Looks Fabulous!
Ready for the wood floors!

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