Saturday, November 21, 2009

At My AGE... I Need Glasses

I have not had much time to sew this week due to problems at the office. I could not sleep Thursday night much and was able give the above T-shirt some ART. I put the design together a month or so ago after our last cruise. I saw something done in rhinestones with this saying. The "glasses" in this design are done by Bunnycup out of Australia in her Happy Hour collection. I knew they would come in handy at some point. Christina (my sewing partner in sewing and shopping) came over yesterday and we got a good start working on our Hoopsisters project. Some of the points were extremely difficult, but we figured it out and will try to catch up with the rest of the class by December 4th. Hockey tonight. Happy Sewing! Carole

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  1. Just LOVE this shirt I want one! tammy