Friday, March 12, 2010

An Ending followed by A NEW BEGINNING................

I have worked for the same wonderful doctor for almost the last 20 years.  How fortunate that I have been to work with somebody who I have repected and adored and who also given back to me the same.  I have called him my "work husband" and we have shared a great deal of our lives with each other.  Laughter, tears, problems, and having grandkids at the same time.  He has let me boss him around and scold him for being 5 minutes late as well as letting me have the last word each day with an opinion of what was going on in the world--a standing joke for years.  How many people get to enjoy their work and who they work with?  I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  We always said we would retire together and planned to do so in September of 2015.  We were going to turn out the lights and lock the door one last time as a team.  This has just been "the plan".  As I have learned over the last month, plans quickly change.  What you have one day, can change in the blink of an eye the next.  Due to some very serious and unexpected medical issues on the 18th of last month, our plans suddenly have had to change.  Life as he has known it, has altered itself and he is trying to stay strong and recover.  He has a long road ahead.  So, yesterday I said a final good-bye to the staff of our office.  Without a doctor, there are no patients and without patients, there is no income.  Had to close.  I've been getting hugs and tears from the patients I have known over the years.  This is hard, as there are so many wonderful people to say good-bye to.  So as one door closes, another one has quickly opened.  Starting Monday, Phoenix Diabetes and Endocrinology begins.  A new chapter and joint venture is starting.  My other dear friend and physician (who has been in our office with us for 8 years) and I have teamed up to start a new practice.  While I am still filled with sadness I can't help but let myself feel some new excitement.  Our website is in process and I'll post it once it's done.  Sewing will have to take a back seat for awhile while I get grounded--Carole

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