Sunday, August 15, 2010


We continue to see progress on the room addition almost daily.  Not fast enough since we really want to have it done and over with.  When you start a project of this size, you just want it to finish.  We passed another inspection this week and were given the "green light or tag" to load the roofing materials and start the stucco process.  Plan now is to have the "mud" on tomorrow and the tiles all done on Tuesday.  Not an exact science when you are dealing with construction workers, but this is the tentative plan for this week.  Electric to start this week as well.  I have changed my mind from tile to hard wood floors so my stuff will roll around easier.  Since I got these really cool fans for the ceilings, I will match to them to the floors.  We are surprised the workers don't start at the crack of dawn to avoid some of the heat, but they seem to like to work later in the day or we are the 2nd job.  Not sure.  All have been pretty nice and are certainly hard workers.  We got most of the lighting this week and the rest is on order at Home Depot and set to be in on Tuesday.  I think I got more than needed, but better to have a bright working area than one without enough.  Happy Sewing!  Carole

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