Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today Walls and a Patio! and.... a night of sewing!

Today my sewing room is getting walls and a covered patio.  We are having light rain which has not stopped the workers today.  I think roofing is on it's way and will be up soon as well.  It is amazing to see the progress and the room looks even larger with the walls up.  I have to shop for lighting and fans soon as the electric may start to go in within a week.    The mess is still on the outside of the house and both Jerry and I are dreading the day that they have to make the door to get in to the house.  When we reach that point, it will be close to completion.  Exciting still!

Last night Tammy, Kathy and I went to Patrick Lose's quilt studio to have a "sew in".  We had a very fun time and will do it again soon.  It makes me so happy to be around so many creative and fun people.  Below are a couple pictures of some of Patrick's quilts.  His designs are colorful, fun and unique.  I want to do all of them!!

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