Sunday, October 10, 2010


 We really had hoped to have the room addition done and behind us before summer was over, but that has not been the case.  We have had very slow progress and it has been disappointing to still be working on this.  While the quality of work being done is fine, it is the timing that has been the most headaches. Contractor's work on a "I will get to it" schedule and the "I will get to it" has not been getting to.  Jerry and I work much differently and are the types to identify what needs to be done and just get it done.  Construction workers can identify the work, but do not prioritize to get it done.  We would make a list and go to Home Depot, get everything needed and then proceed to work.  Contractors make numerous trips to home depot (and spend countless hours) while there and then sometimes do not get back to the job until the next day.  "On my way" means they will be here in 4 to 5 hours and "butt crack of dawn" means sometime after noon.  Frustrating to say the least.  I have heard that this is pretty common and while I am sure there are some that do not work like this, it certainly has not been our luck or experience.  So, now on to the progress since one month ago.....  The break through to the main part of the house and the plumbing is just about done.  We have all doors on  and they actually open, close and lock.  We have sound proofing done and are ready for stucco which is scheduled for tomorrow (crossing our fingers).  The dry wall is will be started this week and then the flooring.  Not sure if it's too much to hope for, but with the exception of outside paint which has to wait for the stucco to cure (almost a month), we should be done in a couple weeks.  We have some things that are being done separately, but we do not expect delays once we are complete.  While we still have a large amount of room on our property with potential of building, I am positive this will be the last thing we would consider.  I know that the end result will be fabulous and I can hardly wait to get in there with all my fabric.  I would not want to have this experience again!  I'll update when and (IF) there is one soon.  Happy Sewing!  Carole

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