Sunday, October 17, 2010


We have continued with our slow progress to the new sewing room.  What should have been completed by the end of August now has us hoping for the end of October?  We actually got the outside stucco done and are waiting for it to "cure" so that it can be painted.  The plumbing has been moved and the bathroom floor is concreted and ready for tile. Drywall, just about done and then ready to put some texture on it.  If the contractor would actually show up when he says and put in a full day of work, it is possible that we could get this completed. Still plenty to do, and  thanks to my sister's wonderful husband, we actually have a plan B if we have to finish it on our own.  We have had to pay for some supplies twice to keep the job moving and this has not made us happy at all.  We have been assured that the flooring has been paid for and is on order, but something tells me this may not be the truth.  Guess we will find out this week.  We will both be so happy to have this completed!  As the saga continues....  Happy Sewing!  Carole

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