Thursday, February 18, 2010

RIP-- Melissa Donati 9/19/1980 - 2/11/2010

Dear Melissa--Yesterday our family joined together to celebrate your life.  It was a beautiful and inspiring service.  The Church on Fillmore was filled to overflowing capacity of more than 600 people, with standing room only as people were standing even along the walls.  They had to put speakers and chairs outside the sanctuary so people could hear.  The line to get in the church was at one point wrapped around the corner and the people trying to come in just never seemed to end. Your dad found strength somehow and delivered an amazing eulogy and you could hear in his words how he will forever be so proud to be your dad.  When he talked about the kids, he mentioned how Mia looked just like you.  At that very moment she turned around in her seat and I could see the very best part of you looking right at me.  She is still trying to get a cell number or e-mail from god so she can talk to you.  TJ was quiet, but I did see a few smiles from him and he promised to FB me sometime.  Tiana was trying to make sense out of all this and she sat with a garbage can trying not to throw up.  I told her she was like me as I carried around my "throw up cup" and I asked her if she wanted a cup like me.  She declined but told me she would be okay.  Timothy and Nae, well, you could see their pain, but I really do feel that together, they will get throught this.  Your sisters both were able to speak and you could see the love that all three of you girls had for each other.  Toward the end, Melanie read a letter from your mom.  She told me that you must have been with her, since she did not think she could have done it on her own.  Many other's also spoke of their memories of you.  I wanted to, but all I could find were tears.  So, Melissa....  from me to you, I'll think of you often and know that I was honored to be your Aunt and one of your many friends.   Love, Aunt Carole

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