Friday, June 11, 2010

Beach Scene Block 5

Block 5 put me officially at the halfway point and I really enjoyed doing it.  The "sand" fabric, used on the sand castle looks even better than I thought it would and certainly made for a great result.  This block had almost 84,000 stitches and took me almost 6 hours.  It is very detailed and I made an error at the mid point and had to spend an extra hour or more to carefully remove some stitching.  That's what I get for turning my back and letting the machine go on "auto pilot" while I showered for work.  I'm now starting to think about borders.  Going to have to look at some more nautical fabrics to audition.  I'm thinking of doing several different borders with a solid in between so that I don't distract from the picture it self.  I am hoping that I can finish it this weekend.  Today is a busy day with TNT block of the month class and also EQ club, so more of a "learning and spending" Friday with the girls.  Happy Sewing!  Carole

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