Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BEACH Scene! Just Gotta Do IT!

As most of my friends know, besides family, friends and work, two things that I love to do are travel and spend time in my sewing room doing embroidery, quilting or a combination of both.  My husband and I have sailed around the world, visited all the continents and enjoyed a great many days on the ocean.  We just completed cruise number 28 and are looking to where number 29 could take us.  When this new design came out from Anita Goodesign this month, I knew I had to do it.  Just looking at it will remind me of all the wonderful and fun places we have been so fortunate to visit.  I have done the painstaking part of prep work (gathering fabric and all the thread colors to make the shading just right).  I have stabilized my fabrics and am now ready to begin the process of sewing out a picture.  I am hoping to start the first block on Friday.  I think the estimated stitch count is 540,000 for the size I'm going to do.  There are 9 blocks that will complete the picture and I will have to most likely do them in sections because of my work schedule.  I will be able to judge more once I get going.  I always enjoy doing this type of design. Happy Sewing!  Carole

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  1. It is beautiful Carole!
    I can't wait to see it!