Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beach Scene Block 6

Row 2 is complete for the beach scene with block 6 now done.  This block had around 68,000 stitches and makes the picture quilt really come together.  It's a tranquil picture that I wish would help my sleep pattern.  One of my friends told me yesterday that I needed to sleep more to regenerate, but how wonderful that I can get so much sewing done.  I think I'd like a happy medium.  Yesterday was Hoopsisters block of the month club (This was block 5 and I've yet to sew out block 1).  I plan to start after I finish this project.  The last Hoopsisters block of the month was started when I was 4 months behind and I ended up finishing pretty close with everyone else, so in that aspect I'm ok.  The afternoon was spent in EQ6 class (soon to be EQ7).  Christina and I are trying to get a handle on this quilting software.  Time seems to be the biggest issue...  There is just not enough of it!  I finished the day with a quick stop over to my friend Tammy's house to discuss ummmm.... quilting!  I finished up the day with a stop to buy a few birthday presents for my grandson and to pick up some take out for dinner.  A long, but eventful day!  Now on to block 7.  Happy Sewing!  Carole


  1. I am LOVING your beach scene.
    It is kinda inspiring me to do it!

  2. I LOVE the beach this is perfect. I'm back in NE and missing my sunny home in the south. Thanks for joining in and hope to see you next week. I love your blog